Digital is the new normal: Put it to work in 10 weeks


Introduce best in class digital know-how into your  business culture


Background Information:


By now, Digital is the new normal, and most businesses, independently from their

size and sector, know how to do digital business.

To get there, most companies have also assumed that the hardest part of change is to put digital

first, and to get everybody in the leadership team fully plugged into this change. This is normal,

since, for decades, offline and face to face were key to senior professional careers; and, in

this context, digital still feels sometimes unfamiliar and less solid.


But if you planning well, with pragmatism, and combine design

thinking or agile with more unconventional methods, such as coaching, to get the best results

more quickly.




In 10 sessions, I support your company get a digital mentality, and will help the leadership

get onboard, focused and with a clear focus and understanding in the  digital reality.


10 sessions are all you need to introduce the digital mindset and tools into your 

business plan and operations, and to make “the digital first mentality” happen in your company

(at last).


Each company has different needs and will require a specific hands-on planning and

implementation, combining design thinking and agile/ scrum planning tools with one to one



I am an expert people manager and process leader in the digital

transformation and culturally sensitive.


The tone and the environment of this training is very friendly, open minded and forward looking

in a non-threatening mode.

The learning atmosphere ( doesn`t matter if virtual or onsite) is well managed by me

to make sure that you like to interact and are more as willing to learn and

walk the extra mile.




10 sessions (of 3 hours each) to make 3 steps.

The content of each session can be adapted to the specific challenges and needs of your company.


Please consider the following agenda as a

reference guideline to provide you with a clear understanding of the working pace and style.


STEP 1:  Getting the Leadership on board 


  • SESSION 1: Your digital print: where do you stand with your Digital Transformation in your company?
  • SESSION 2: Fine tuning with agility: Your real world operation and its digital world avatar
  • SESSION 3: Hands on: Your pathway, your learning curve, your tools to win
  • SESSION 4: Role modeling: Team dynamics and projections that take you forward
  • SESSION 5: The individual path/ Individual change diagnostic to get the common plan to work.


STEP 2: Line Managers on board


  • SESSION 6: Personal assessment: Individual role and tasks definition vs role understanding from others
  • SESSION 7: Team dynamics: Complementary talents and compatible language to work together

STEP 3: Bringing individuals on board/ Consolidating the team

  • SESSION 8: Task oriented coaching (or hypnosis as needed (individual sessions/ 1h each)
  • SESSION 9: Task oriented coaching ( or hypnosis as needed (individual sessions/ 1h each)
  • SESSION 10: Wrapping up: a vision drafted together, a new map, new  touchstones

get in touch with me:


About me:


I am the  founder of digitalhumans and yourfuture . For nearly 15 years I worked with StartUp`s,

SME`s and Corporates (Europe, US) and I have also a wide experience working with the Big4 clients.


Also I am the author of the book: „Breaking Barriers with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy - Digital

Transformation needs Mental Transformation“.


I am a certified Hypnotherapist and Coach (Study at RMT - St. Barbara / California), with

5 years business experience on the topic.


I have lived and worked in Germany and Switzerland until 2018, and  since then based

in Barcelona.