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Digital Transformation, IoT, Industry 4.0, FinTech, Cyber Security, Banking/Financial, IT/Tech

You need to immensely improve your companies recruitment process with an experienced Change Manager?


Why we should speak together:

most of business leaders know the importance of organizational culture but a lot struggle to find the right way

how to use culture fit as a key driver of their performance in their companys.


No passion? Means: No transformation! Add passion

Employees? Commit to them. As you do with your customer.

To define your culture fit and values can be done in several ways. But it must be done

If your existing culture needs some changes, then so be it.

If there is no culture defined so you should urgently begin.


Why is culture fit so important? If you are hiring or have employees that don`t fit well with the existing or desired company give you poor work,

poor quality and a toxic enviroment. These costs are high. In both ways – hard and soft

This includes all employees . if it`s the secretary or most underestimate your 2. Management Line


As a Senior Recruiter and Change Consultant with deep experience over 12 years,

interviewing hundreds over hundreds candidates at all levels of the hierarchy and inside views to so many companies including

my core competence in Digital Transformation i am a great fit to support you in a unique and also very competent way to achieve your goals.

You need to fill senior positions and / or top management positions (confidentially, covertly)?
You urgently need a new and fresh look at your recruitment processes and your team?


You need a Virtual/Freelancerecruiter based on Daily Rate?


you want that we make you happy? than you are very


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