the deeper we enter into the digital transformation - the more human we must be

Interimmanagement - Freelance and Virtual Recruitment

Recruiting for me means: Industry focus, integrity and the joy of communicating.

The requirements of both my customers and candidates need to match in order

to maximise their respective success - that’s what I would like to achieve.”

Digital Transformation - one of the no 1 topics for your company’s recruitment.

All companies, international major companies, SMEs, as well as banks, are urgently

required to face digital transformation processes and to accordingly align all market,

customer and employee activities. Success factor no 1: top qualified experts from all

over the world, specialising in Digital Business Issues.

With me at your side, you and your company are leading the race for the brightest talent.

During the recruiting process or as your Interim Change Manager I am your initiator launching any required personnel measures.
I´m your recruiting partner with both a large and great network and a national and international

candidate portfolio.

If you wish so and require it, I can also be your personal consultant and coach for preparing

challenging, crucial and, above all, prompt decisions.

I`m your Sparring Partner
Your teams’ competence is boosted by the most real-time market perspectives and unfiltered

external views at any given time.

In order for you to achieve market success, we provide you with the best-qualified experts meeting

any necessary deadlines (up to the top leadership positions), help you with initiating and supporting

the required integration processes. We also support you with the best possible additions to complete

your team and get you fit for your markets!

I will support you - whenever this is necessary.


I´m not a CV junkie and are always happy about customers and candidates who would like to cooperate

with me closely, intensively and for a longer stretch of time. However, we will be there for you, when

your house is on fire and in need of quick extinction.

I am looking forward to you getting in touch with me!

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